Contacts and Personalization

Campaigner8 gives you unlimited email contacts and as many categories as you want to segment your email lists. From A/B testing to automatic segmentation lists based on demographics, you can personalize your content and target specific customers.


Contact Segmentation

It’s easy to segment your contacts into different email lists with Campaigner8. Manually add and remove contacts from lists, or automatically create new contact segments based on different criteria such as:

  • City or state
  • Zip code
  • Email domain
  • Any other custom information you wish to add

Import & Export Contacts

Import a large number of contacts at once using a sheet or CSV file. This makes it easy to move, migrate, and update your email lists whenever you want!

Need to export your contact lists for any reason? No problem! Transfer your email lists from Campaigner8 to whatever else you need it for with the click of a button.

A/B Testing

Test different versions of your email campaign to smaller groups to see which one performs better, then send out your mass email! Consider changing in your A and B versions:

  • Subject line
  • Main image
  • Header text
  • Paragraph content