7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

How to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing tip #1: Personalize your content as much as you can.

The great thing about email marketing is the ability to personalize and tailor your marketing messages to specific audiences. Here are a few tips:

  • Use or include your name (or a real person's name) in the sender field. A person is more likely to read an email from "John" than they are from a business name.
  • Segment your email lists by demographics, purchase behavior, hot leads, or any other category.
  • Create personalized landing pages for your email campaigns, which brings us to our next tip.

Email marketing tip #2: Create an optimized landing page for your email campaigns.

A landing page is a dedicated page on your website that is designed to convert visitors into leads. It’s different from other pages because it’s usually related to an advertisement or campaign that you created.

For example, if you have send out a marketing email about a sale on shoes, you should include a link to a page on your website that features discounted shoes.

For more information on landing pages and website integration, click here

Email marketing tip #3: Always include a CTA (call to action).

A call to action is usually a sentence or instruction that is designed to get the reader to respond immediately. In marketing, it's meant to provoke an immediate response such as calling your business or visiting your website.

Be careful about using buzz words in your CTAs, though, as they can trigger spam filters. Simple instructions such as "Call Now!" or "Sign Up Today" can be a good start.

Email marketing tip #4: Make sure your email design is responsive or mobile-friendly.

The majority of all emails are now opened on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. Emails that don't work correctly within three seconds on a mobile device get deleted right away. All email templates from Campaigner8 are both responsive and mobile-friendly, so you rest assured that your emails are reaching customers on all platforms.

Email marketing tip #5: Take advantage of the available preview text.

When you receive an email, there is usually a bit of preview text that you can see that includes the first part of the email's text. It is essential to take advantage of the space you have to capture your audience's attention. Create a sense of urgency, but keep it short and straightforward since your space is limited.

Email marketing tip #6: A/B test your subject lines.

Campaigner8 allows all users to use A/B testing for your emails. Test out different versions of your email campaign to a smaller audience, and then send out the text that performs the best. You can also send out the same email campaigns but with different subject lines to see which headlines work better for your business.

Email marketing tip #7: Schedule your emails around the best days and best times to send.

The optimal time to send your emails will depend on your specific audience and their demographics. Once you figure out exactly who your targeted demographic is, you can conduct some research and figure out when they are most likely to check their emails.

With Campaigner8, you can schedule when you want your emails to send, and to who. With us, it's easy to create a consistent schedule that will increase your email open rates.