About Us

We create custom email marketing campaigns to serve businesses that are serious about their brand image. Instead of basic or ordinary email designs, we build one-of-a-kind emails that actually get customers to engage with your business.

Stay in touch with your clients and strengthen your relationships with loyal customers.

If you are ready to stand out and cut through the noise, contact us today or schedule a free demo!

About Us - Campaigner8.com

Campaigner8 is a daughter company of Octadyne Systems, a U.S. based ColdFusion and technology company with headquarters in Ames, Iowa. We have a second office in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

For services in SEO, ColdFusion development, mobile app development, ColdFusion hosting, custom business websites, eCommerce, and more, visit Octadyne.com.

If your website and marketing needs are related to your automotive dealership, visit AutoJini.com.